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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Style and Color Projects (Blogpost#4)

Color Project : Happiness Spreads
Through my artwork I used the "Artists Communicate Through Art Emotion" behavior. I expressed the emotion  of happiness in two ways. First I used bright colors for the balloons to represent happiness whereas as I used a dull color like brown for the objects into which happiness was spreading.The other thing was the idea I used. In my idea the colorful balloons symbolized happiness and whatever object they were touching, happiness spread into it.That's why the clouds look half colorful.By carefully choosing my colors and having a good idea, I was able to convey happiness.This artwork is about me because I believe anybody can spread happiness and it can be spread into anyone.

Style Project : Elephant or  Skull
The second behavior I used was "Artist Have a Global Awareness of Art making". For the style project I had to research into art history about Salvador Dali.I found out that he played a very significant part in art history because he was part of the Dada,Cubism and Surrealism movement. His approach on surrealism was very unique and it got him accepted into the Surrealist Group.I also used the internet to find out about his optical illusions which inspired me to create one of my own.I also used the internet to take out pictures of  Dali's work, which I used to show the class during my presentation on Dali.

Dali's Illusion which inspired mine.
The third behavior I used was "Artists Take Risks". Through my color project I used acrylic paint which I was unfamiliar with.In the beginning I couldn't decide between water and acrylic paint, but I decided to  try working with the one which was new to me and thus ended up using acrylic.By taking this risk I assumed that the color wouldn't spread easily (like into the cloud),but it turned out the other way.I am glad I took the risk of using acrylic because it made my painting look vibrant and unique.The other risk I took was in the Style Project. Dali's painting were hard but his optical illusions were even harder.I didn't think of this at the beginning because the way Dali painted them, made them look really easy and I wanted to make one of my own.It was a big risk because if you messed up on the colors you used or the way you drew pictures the painting would not become a successful illusion.However,I wanted to try to reach another arting level close to that of Dali and after a lot of planning, I was able to complete the optical illusion and it was worth taking the risk .