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Monday, September 22, 2014

European city in perspective

 My artwork was inspired by Pinterest pictures of  European cities. When i started this project i wanted my city to be representative of the beauty of the the European world. I looked at pictures of German streets, the seine river in France and Scotland and then incorporated the style of their architecture into my art. Even details like windows were based upon medieval buildings.

As part of this project i learned how to utilize the concept of perspective in my drawing. When i had done perspective in an art 1 project i had played it safe by just sticking to 2 point perspective . In this project however i wanted to use perspective to make it seem like the city was going off into perspective. I learned that isn't enough to just have a vanishing point at the right corner of your paper; the buildings have to be smaller as they move back. Shading was also vital because you had to have cast shadows of one building fall onto another building where they overlapped.

details on the window
During this project i would step back and reflect on my work but collaborating with my peers for feedback helped me even. More. My friends were able to show me stuff i hadn't thought or wasn't paying attention to. Emma advised me to put a vanishing point off the paper so the drawing would be correct but not exaggerated. I also got told that i should have the front buildings larger than the rest. There was also this guy in my 4th period who tried to convince me that the design on one of the buildings was awkward, so i changed it to something simpler (thanks Lawson!)Without the critical feedback my artwork would not have been have been correct in perspective.