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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

non traditional art

For the non traditional art project, I had wanted to do embroidery. I learnt it back in 8th grade during a visit to India. I had done it only a couple of times since then, as it's not that popular of an option in America. The first few attempts at my embroidery project werent that good...I didn't have a solid idea to work with and it was tough embroidering on denim. It wasn't until Ms.Lorenzo did the print making stations that I had an idea!

Print making was a quick and easy way to get a picture down on paper. One of the block prints I printed appealed to me. It left a little negative space on the paper, and it gave me the idea of embroidering in that space. In this way I was able to combine non traditional Japanese art (printmaking) with non traditional Indian art (embroidery)....what a double whammy!!

In my piece of art, the filled in floral pattern was printed with red ink. Embroidery floss of different colors surround it

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Post modern Principles Project

Okay, so I gotta admit: the essential question project took a long time to complete...Maybe, it was huge canvas or the ship that took forever to paint. So, when the post modern principles project was introduced and everybody else started working on it, I was still figuring out which colors to use on the waves. When I (finally!)  finished, our class was starting on the nontraditional art project. Not sure of what to do or how to explore these post modern principles, I gladly skipped over to the newest project. It was only when I started embroidering a zonkey, that I realized that my project was less of non traditional art and more of appropriation - one of the post modern principles. Apparently, it's not so easy to "skip" over a project... -_-

The zonkey is an "artist steal" from Mr.Sands. He has so many zonkeys up on the wall by his computer, and they have all been done in different mediums. It could be prisma colors, paint, spray paint, or even wood (for a 3D effect)...you name it, the zonkey has been done in that medium . In the midst of all this variety, I had to ask myself how to "steal" the zonkey idea and make it my own. Since I love doing embroidery and it hadn't been done before, appropriation became the aspect of my post modern principles project.

What I like about this project, is the bright colors and how they contrast beautifully. It was nice to return to needlework after last having done it during frshman year, and see how it enhanced the zonkey's look.
However, what I didn't like was that the cloth I used (jean materials) was hard to embroider on. This made me frustrated very quickly, and led to some hasty work. It was also difficult to shade on the zonkey. I've heard that you can cross stitch or use a gradient of thread colors, but it was hard to apply for me. I tried to shade on the left side of the zonkey's head, but the mix of white and blue thread didn't turn out well.


I love the subject and colorful theme.-Liah
The stitching is so well done and very neat, i can see that it's a zonkey. -Shelby
Embroidery looks awesome!-Brooke
I like the idea of doing a zonkey -Kris
I don't know proper embroidery technique, but it looks really good! -Skylar
Your zonkey is so cute.  I just want to cuddle with it.  Way to go, love Claire
love the colors and wish i could embroider....are you ready for our physics test today? -Olivia
OH MY GOSH this is so cool. I love this so much!! the use of colors looks so great!! -Hannah