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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

non traditional art

For the non traditional art project, I had wanted to do embroidery. I learnt it back in 8th grade during a visit to India. I had done it only a couple of times since then, as it's not that popular of an option in America. The first few attempts at my embroidery project werent that good...I didn't have a solid idea to work with and it was tough embroidering on denim. It wasn't until Ms.Lorenzo did the print making stations that I had an idea!

Print making was a quick and easy way to get a picture down on paper. One of the block prints I printed appealed to me. It left a little negative space on the paper, and it gave me the idea of embroidering in that space. In this way I was able to combine non traditional Japanese art (printmaking) with non traditional Indian art (embroidery)....what a double whammy!!

In my piece of art, the filled in floral pattern was printed with red ink. Embroidery floss of different colors surround it

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