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Monday, December 14, 2015

NC Museum Of Art

At the NC Museum of Art, the piece I liked the best was The Eruption of Mt.Vesuvius by Pierre Volaire. The painting beautifully captures the eruption if the volcano, and by including Italian civilians clustered around the bridge and ships in the background, you can perfectly visualize how this event interrupted the lives of those around it. I also like he portrays this event at night. The dark sky is illuminated in a bright yellow and orange, and makes it awe-inspiring to look at it. The realistic effect, and European style painting techniques come together nicely!

Orange Outline by Franz Kline kind of fell in the middle for me. I'm not a huge fan of abstract art, so I had to look closer and let it slowly appeal to me. I like how he used brown, yellow and orange, to take a simple black-and-white painting further, while still maintaining the overall minimalistic effect. I like how his strong brush strokes are evident in the painting, because the texture is interesting to look at.

One of the pieces that I didn't like was titled Winter 1946. The artist uses a dull green color that dominates the painting. I would have liked it better if he used more colors for a fuller overall
effect. I also don't like how this scene is captured from a bird's eye view at an uncommon angle, because it makes it awkward to look at. However, I must admit the shadow in painting falls in a way that I would have found hard to capture through paint, so good job there.

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