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Art 2 Final

finally done, my pomegranate with prismas
1.Reflecting on all the work I've done over this semester, my most successful project was the closeup drawing up pomegranate seeds that  I did with prismacolor pencils.The theme was centered around a closeup of something interesting on its own put into a repetitive pattern. Since, I'm always eating pomegranates, I wanted to do a closeup of that, and I took a picture of the seeds on the pith when I was deseeding one of them.The next step  was drawing them, and i admit that was tricky because in size and shape, most of the seeds seemed the same, it was in their highlights and shadows that they differed. I took ms Ms.Rossis advice here, and lightly went over the seeds with pink prisma.I built up with colors like peach yellow and red ,and white where highlights were needed.For the hands, making a skin color with prismas right off the hat proved difficult. I looked up a technique, where you put a layer of white on the skin area, build your way up with yellow and peach, ochre where your shadows/dark places are, and to finish you go over the whole area with peach in light circular motions. It was one of my first experiences with prismacolors and I really enjoyed using them,learning more about how to use them to give a desired effect.I never fully completed it when the whole class was doing the project ( gasp!), so when I came back to it, I was able to reflect and see where I could make improvements.

the clay food i'm not very proud of
2.My least successful project, was with the clay food. When I was planning it out in class, the idea seemed good on paper, but when I started making it with clay I couldn't transfer the ideas onto cay as well as i had though i could. The bread was hard to cut like a baguette slice, and the painting on it  was dull also. the vegetables were in the form of slices, so they made the whole sandwich seem pretty flat and lifeless.If I could go back, I would make my sandwich look more like a subway sandwich. I would include lettuce in there to give it some volume, and a sauce/garnish on the side. I would make them individually and glue them all together after I painted them, because when I stuck them together before it went to the kiln, I underestimated how hard it would be  to paint each veggie without getting paint onto another one.

mixed media card
painting in kandinsky style
3.One work that shows my growth as an artist is the mixed media card I made,because its where I used the most creativity this semester.I tried to personalize it for my friend, and because of  how long we worked on it, I was able to develop my artistic vision and make it seem like I had efficiently used the mixed media available , while making it as funny and cute as possible.I explored creativity by including jokes, magazine letters and phrases and even origami. The other piece was the style painting we did at the beginning, because I've never really liked abstract art. after exploring Kandinsky's art and his techniques and trying to incorporate them onto my own painting, I developed an appreciation for abstract art. My artistic vision has definitely broadened after that, and I enjoyed using paint, to imitate his style.

pomegranate seeds in water color
4.One of the mini lessons I learned from and enjoyed the most, was the dum dum drawing we did with prismacolors.Since we worked onto it for a while, I enjoyed trying to incorporate all thee small details and working on them, just to come to come back the next day and realize there was still more I could do. Working with prismacolors for the first time, I really enjoyed the medium from the way it blended and burnished to the sophisticated look it gave my artwork. The other mini lesson I felt was beneficial to my learning was the water color painting we did of fruit. I did pomegranate seeds (again lol), and comparing it to the seeds I did with prismas I liked how easy it was to get the highlights and dark areas while still retaining the transparent look that the seeds tend to have.I liked building up transparent layer, because you could include a variety of colors that would contrast and make the picture seem well developed.when I had added colors with prismas, I had worried about blending them, and making sure they werent too dark when I applied them.the instruction I got was helpful, because it showed me I was applying dark layers too quickly, and that was what i needed to overcome.

dum dum in prisma
5.My favorite medium was the prismas, because while they were new for me, I didn't expect them, to blend and have the such a realistic color and effects on paper.The prismas require patience though and after working with them patiently for a while and  learning more techniques, I hope to achieve that. I think that with more experience and instruction, I would like to continue working with them. I also enjoyed the water colors, because of their transparent look, and how you can layer them while including a whole range of colors and values.I have seen a few paintings of flowers done in watercolor, and I really love how you can a dd a dark layer on the flower to indicate a petal. It seems so simple but, the look itself was beautiful, and in the future I would like to try that out.

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