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Thursday, September 10, 2015

art 3:

Done first with prisma colors
For this project I chose to explore the element of color. I wanted the color of the flowers to be bright and vibrant as it stood out against the plain cardboard background. My top choices for the medium were acrylic paint and prisma-colors as they would have a vibrant appearance on the cardboard. I decided to go with prisma-colors because it blends easily, and you keep layering it to get the right values.

Waiting for the background to dry

In the background, I applied layers of blue, turquoise and red water color paint to get a subtle yet interesting background. The water colors didn't over power the flowers and my background didn't look empty anymore!

All done!

 I chose this subject because I wanted to go for a landscape/nature theme, which would be common for everybody. By focusing on color, I could give a unique aspect to common everyday flowers, by letting its natural colors stand out.


With filters :)

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