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Friday, October 9, 2015

Response to Olivia Gude

Olivia Gude accurately comments on how art teaching strategies have become redundant, repetitive and even meaningless. As a professor she was able to see how art students at universities and grade school all had to do "insignificant exercises" on line shape, color, etc. As an art student, I have done many of these and although I can see the importance of learning new skills, I wish moat teachers let us take a fresh and new approach in exploring the elements and methods. Instead of having to draw spheres with pastels and learn how to implement highlights and dark values as a warmup, maybe we could turn this into a "morning project". Every morning we could work on our project and inculcate the same art  methods, but we could choose the idea and make it personal and meaningful.
Taking creative approaches and exploring post modern principles can expose us to new ideas and techniques that we might not be able to observe in old classical paintings such as that of Van Gogh or Kandinsky. This will teach us to be independent and set a trend that defines 21st century art instead of merely copying  the older art styles.

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