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Monday, March 24, 2014

My Space Joke (Blogpost#3)

This is my artwork called "The Space Joke" (hope you get it!) and its theme is space.
My artwork!

In this project I gained more skill with oil pastels and learned some new techniques which made my artwork more appealing. One of these techniques is scumbling which is really easy to do and gives an interesting texture to objects. I used scumbling for the planet upon which the aliens are standing. The random scumbling pattern looked really nice after I had applied more layers because it seemed natural and the texture stood out even better.I also used the curved lines technique for the saturn-planet on the top right to make the planet seem naturally round. Burnishing and highlights on that planet also make it seem realistic- as if the light form the spaceship is falling on the planet.
Example of scumbling

Through my artwork I tried to convey humor through words and a unique perspective.Since you always hear comments and jokes about humans seeing UFOs, I wanted to take a twist on it. I wanted the viewer to think that with all the space ships humans have put out there, aliens might see us as the rare UFOs, and we should think more openly about such topics. By using a comic-like perspective and the words in speech bubbles I was able to convey the joke and message.

Pencil Details transform green blobs into fingers. 
In this project I made 2 unexpected mistakes and learnt how beneficial it is to problem solve. The first mistake occured when I had written "LOOK HON" in the speech bubble then realized that the who whole joke would not possibly fit in the predrawn speech bubble.I solved this problem by having the other alien face the first and giving her a speech bubble of her own. Besides being able to fit the whole joke now, the joke seemed more funny and realistic because it seemed like a conversation.The other problem was when I drew the alien's hands it looked like green blobs which weren't poiting to anything. By adding a dark outline with pencil for fingers I solved my problem and achieved the finger pointing effect that I wanted.

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