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Thursday, February 27, 2014

2 in 1: Flamingos and text (Blogpost #2)

Cut out magazine letters like those I used

I got the idea of drawing over text from a Pintrest picture of a giraffe over text. I combined this idea with my own unique ones by drawing flamingos instead, and incorporating them in a scene so it would seem more interesting. I also added cut out magazine letters which spell the word "flamingos" to give the picture life and character.


Example of burnishing
For this project I used oil pastels, and ended up gaining more proficiency then I had before.I learned that you can use the burnishing technique with oil pastels too.Not only does this make the colors look more vibrant but it also blends better if you apply it in layers.Using this technique I colored the flamingos pink with peach,yellow, red and white pastels.They blended well and and gave the flamingos a natural color.

Displaying photo.JPG
My artwork (2 in 1 Flamaingos over Text)

Through this project I learned that it is important to take feedback so that you can gain a better understanding of your art and how it can be improved. After I had completed the coloring the flamingos, I asked my friend Jesse how it looked. I thought she was going to judge the flamingos only, but she pointed out something I hadn't noticed. She said that the proportion of the trees to that of the flamingos was a bit off, because the tree looked small in comparison to the big flamingos. Thanks to her advice I was able to improve my artwork and in the future I'll look for such things. 

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