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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My angle on the Zentangle (Blogpost #1)

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This is my Zen-tangle which I call "Checkerboard Bloomings".

On the corners are these so called "bloomings" which are filled with many versatile designs. These corners are called bloomings because it seems as if they are blooming on the checkerboard background I seperated the bottom left corner with black strings and then filled those strings with unique zentangles whose colors contrasted beautifully.

After zentangling in the top right corner and finishing the background, I stepped back to analyze my work and realized that for the corner at the bottom left I wanted to make some unique patterns which would be different from each other,yet come together in the end.This helped me make a better decision.

 An example of the unique ideas I used in my work is the checkerboard which is the background.Instead of sticking to the same black and white pattern, I used a blend of different colors along with the black checkers.So I started off with dark blue and with techniques like shading and burnishing I blended in new colors.This made the checkerboard pattern unique because it seems like there is something else going on with many colors behind the blacker checker boxes.
Initial chessboard pattern
Through this project I learned about burnishing, where you layer color on top of another color to achieve a more well blended feel.I used this in my checker board pattern so the colors blended well.On the top right corner, I especially like the contrast of the aquamarine squiggles along side the purple triangle pattern which is behind it This technique taught me how to shade and blend better.Through these techniques I gained more skill with materils like color pencils.

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