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Thursday, February 20, 2014

An apple a day makes an artist's day

Displaying photo 1.JPGThis is my portrait of an apple from a unique perspective.

I used my idea of capturing a unique perspective of the apple which you normally don't pay attention to when you look at an apple.My source of inspiration here was an apple I had for lunch then I combined it with different colors and techniques to make it  my own.

I took a risk by trying to include a yellowish gleam that blended in with the local color.I wasn't sure if it would blend in that well and look natural but I decided to try out.

I tried out a new technique in which you color in curved lines as opposed to straight ones.This gives your object a naturally 3-D look. I also used the burnishing technique which I had learnt about so the colors blended in well and  seemed more natural.

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