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Friday, February 21, 2014

Face Portrait

This is one of the warm ups I did.Here I combined all the different drawing techniques I had used to create the features like the eyes, lips and nose and brought them all together.

Through this warm up I learned easier and better ways to draw features of the face like eyes, nose and lips. I also gained more skill with materials like pencils because I learned how to shade better and add value.I also achieved a shape on the nose and cheeks which I had never been able to do before by making curvy lines while shading.

I decided to take a risk by shading the face and adding value to it. I am glad I took the risk because the value under the eyes and around the nose makes the face seem more natural.

After I drew the basic features for my face and the hair  I stepped back and looked at it.I decided that I should incorporate some value and a cast shadow under the chin to make it seem more realistic.

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