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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

painting in kandinsky style

Kandinsky's Landscape

in this project I painted a landscape in the style of wassily kandinsky.since kandinsky painted his first few landscapes in an impressionist-abstract style, I experimented with the way i normally painted to imitate his style to get an abstract shape for the foremost tee I closed my eyes and randomly drew. For the trees in the back I painted in the tree stumps in random shapes and directions and let the surrounding area become the top of the tree. For the path , i put random colors over gray and didn't worry too much about blending them. Experimenting and not being too controlling with how my art was forming enabled my painting to resemble Kandinsky's style.


My art in Kandinsky's style
In this project I also learnt alot about Kandinsky, his art style and paintings. I learnt how important his art style was and how it gave lead to the (abstract) expresssionism movement. How he started off by painting in an impressionist style and then it evolving into abstract. How the artist used deep brush strokes and a balance of warm and cool colors like yellow and blue. ( I painted the mountains blue and used yellow for highlights and even the grass). Having an awareness about kandindky's art making process helped me imitate it in my painting.
Deep Brushstroke Technique
Painting in kandinsky's style taught me new techniques. I learnt how deep brush strokes gives a different raw kind of look to your painting. By using blue and yellow often, I learnt how you can maintain a balance of warm and cool colors. Also using thick layers of paint gives the object you are painting an interesting texture. All these techniques helped me become more skilled with acrylic paints.

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