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Monday, December 1, 2014

closeup and clay

For the closeup project I drew pomegranate seeds in a prisma color pencil medium. This was my 2nd experience with this medium, and I developed my layering and burnishing skills. I also learnt how to make highlights prominent, and how they can give the seed a 3-D shape. I also realized that the more layers you put, the more realistic it seems and burnishing becomes easier. I liked working with this medium, but each seed required a lot of work, because you could do so much per seed with these pencils.

For the clay project I made a Panini kind of sandwich. I tried to keep it simple so that i could focus on the details of each item, like that of the avocado and tomato. While I was painting the clay, I got a chance to reflect on my work. I realized that I should not have attached the clay vegetables onto the clay bread because it was difficult and almost impossible to paint all of one vegetable without getting that color paint onto the vegetable attached beneath it. It would've been smarter to paint them separately and then glue them.

When I started thinking about the closeup project, I was sure I wanted to do the pomegranate seeds, because its something that I like alot. Instead of finding pictures of the seeds on Google or Pinterest, I took pictures of the seeds, while I was deseeding them. My unique pictures enabled me to get a unique and personal closeup of the seeds. Instead of the seeds I also thought to include the pith, so that its bland color could contrast with the vibrant color of the seeds. All of theses unique ideas made my art original.

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